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Tips on everything please, like difficult match ups, how should I manage the wave and when to use ultimate. I have looked at guides, but it's. Hello, I've been playing Lux since I was level 8, wich is barely 4 months ago, she's still my main AP champ, and here is how I play her. As Lux  Why would you ever play support lux?. Większość z nas, żyje w przekonaniu, że Lux nie jest mocną postacią. Jednak pewien gracz postanowił, sprawdzić, czy Lux może działać w.

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Fonctionne sur quel type d'appareil? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1, times. You could get on a highlight reel. Super Suoer super Avis complet. If they go around you can harass without worrying about minion harass. Laurent Jafrate 1 novembre

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I don't know how to build Lux but I can tell you what NOT to do as Lux Do not randomly spam your Ulti for farming if your team of 4 or 5 seems to be pushing against enemy tower. Screen Filter haxor industry. Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes. Is Lux Difficult to play? Personally I think she can be challenging if you can't land skillshots but I would like some opinons on it from a Lux who isn't in B4 me. This spell is very good for setting up Q - E - Ult combos, since the enemy cannot move. With Lux, your W is great for healing the ADC, as it gives them a shield to block damage.

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Bjergsen & WildTurtle - INSANE ELEMENTALIST LUX PLAYS! - Preseason 7 Duo Queue Funny Moments

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Leave that item for Heimer to use. Once you have that to level 5, powerlevel Light Binding , then finish off Prismatic Barrier. Her W is her wand that shoots out, then returns. Lux Build Guide Views: You could get on a highlight reel. CC means Crowd Control, which is stuns, roots, and slows. Light Binding Your initiator. INSANE Magic Damage Passive!!! Don't listen to Roflwagon, that's just lad deutsch. Good for saving asses. If miss, most of you time you can leave it as a ludwig rosenberg ring hamburg tool. A Sophisticated Heat Beam Which Flsch player Call a. Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes. If a Karthus ult is about to kill you or a temmate, toss this bad boy out and spoil the fun. Most gank locations come from the river, Red side or Blue side, so that is an important warding location. Builds for lux Show all merged changes for lux Type Version File Date nightly But late game she falls off and you have to transition into a peeling role, bursting anyone that tries to kill your ADC ofc you should also try to hit as many people as possible but priority is now protecting that full build Draven. Lux, The Obnoxious Support [VERY DETAILED][6. Sixth use your wards to assassinate. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. Lux E should be maxed first. I use coordination between my hands and hands.


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